A watch design realised without aesthetic distraction, the new Curve series from JACOB JENSEN™ perfectly embodies the company’s form language, combining clean lines with technical precision.
This watch is the latest in a long line of exquisite timepieces by JACOB JENSEN™, all created under the direction of chief designer Timothy Jacob Jensen. The son of the company’s founder Jacob Jensen has managed the design studio for nearly a quarter of a century.
The Curve series is a clear, bold design with a single strap running seamlessly through the watch case. As always, JACOB JENSEN™ uses the finest materials such as mineral crystal glass, which provides a subtle dome over the watch face. This glass is then enclosed by a circular stainless steel case inscribed with the JACOB JENSEN™ logo, a detail which dates back to the company’s first wrist watch, designed in 1986. The watch is also available with a gold PVD case.

To ensure complete accuracy, the watch includes a high-quality quartz movement. There are no numerals or indices, the design simply features a rotating disc, which indicates the minutes while a single hand shows the hours and a crown to the side adjusts the time. The genuine leather strap is available in a range of colours, from rich Burgundy red to delicate ivory, as well as black, white, grey and camel.

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