JACOB JENSEN®’s design is based on a philosophy developed by it's founder, Jacob Jensen. He believed that everything the studio creates must be original, beyond time and fashion trends.

Jacob Jensen was among the last great Danish designers belonging to the golden era of
the 1950s known as Danish Modern. He was the first Dane to train as an industrial designer and is considered a pioneer in Danish corporate history.


During the early 1960s, Danish designer Jacob Jensen merged the International and MAYA styles in a unique, ultramodern design language with maximum consumer appeal. He labelled it “Different but not Strange”. Through the decades, the JACOB JENSEN DESIGN studio has continued to refine and evolve the design style by applying it to new areas and product categories. The result is a classic yet visionary design language that continues to influence and enrich the world through innovative designs.

JACOB JENSEN DESIGN was established in Denmark in 1958. It is the most award-winning design consultancy in Scandinavia. The company is based in Hejlskov, Denmark, with sister studios in China and Thailand. With more than half a century’s worth of experience in innovation, technology and communication, JACOB JENSEN DESIGN provides design and branding solutions for companies all over the world.


A characteristic design language with a proven and exceptionally enduring global appeal is what sets the JACOB JENSEN® products apart.
Collaborating closely with a network of license partners, JACOB JENSEN® markets a wide range of lifestyle products under the brand of JACOB JENSEN®, represented in over 30 countries.