JACOB JENSEN is extending the popular JACOB JENSEN™ New series watch collection. Six select models will be available with a fashionable larger case in the spring of 2016.

The JACOB JENSEN New series watch collection has since its introduction in 1995 become a modern classic. It was first updated in 2011 and now six selected models from the series will be available with a 39 mm watchcase, which is 4 mm larger than the current gentlemen´s watch.
“We decided to extend the JACOB JENSEN New series with a larger alternative to the existing 35 mm gentlemen´s watch, as we experienced an increased demand for larger watches among our male customers,” says group CEO and chief designer, Timothy Jacob Jensen and continues: “We are honored that our watch design remains to have an audience after more than twenty years in the market. Enduring designs have become our way of contributing to sustainability.”

The Jacob Jensen design language is characterized by elegant contrast of materials combined with technical quality. The attention to details encourages interaction and appreciation up close as well. Like the existing New Series, the 39 mm version has a simple, pure form, which is devoid of superfluity. This is what makes it instantly recognizable as a JACOB JENSEN design piece, even from a distance.
The watchcase is made of stainless steel while the glass is made of mineral crystal. The watch strap is composed of rubber, meaning it is highly durable, and is available in black, white or red. The Swiss Ronda movement secures it can be relied upon to keep excellent time.
The following models will be available in 39 mm: Model no. 753, 757, 750, 733, 732 and 758. The new models are expected to be available in May 2016.

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